What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is defined by extraction using cold water, introduced immediately or with a slow drip over time. The resulting coffee is impeccably smooth with vastly reduced acidity, and a taste that’s sweet or even syrupy. This process takes all the great flavors from the grounds and leaves behind all of the undesirable compounds that would make your drink bitter or sour. The only ingredients are coarse coffee grounds, water, a refrigerator, and about 12 hours time.

How is it made?

First, you’ll need to get your coffee. Grind it on a coarse setting. Put your grounds in a container. French presses or mason jars can make things very easy later on. Add water and mix until all the grounds are saturated and you have a slurry. Let your mixture sit in the refrigerator overnight or for about 12 hours. Once the grounds have steeped long enough, you can use a french press or a cloth strainer over a mason jar to separate the grounds from the coffee, and pour into a glass. From here, you can cut the coffee with water as you like. It’s as simple as that.