Pour Over

Pour Over is a method of manual brewing that’s become very popular, allowing you a measure of control that other brewing methods don’t offer. All you need is a filter holder, like a Chemex or Hario, a filter, and some fresh coffee.

How to

First, set your filter over your brewing apparatus. Wet your filter for a few seconds with hot water. 200 degrees is ideal. A gooseneck kettle makes pouring much easier throughout the process. Then, place your freshly ground coffee over the filter. Next, you’ll pour over your grounds in spirals for about 30 seconds, causing your grounds to release carbon dioxide and bloom. Wait about 30 seconds once the grounds are saturated so gas can escape. Begin pouring once more in spirals starting from the middle and working your way out, and keep the grounds saturated. This process should take between 3 and 4 minutes. Once you’re finished, you can dispose of the grounds and enjoy a beautifully smooth coffee.